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22 things


22 Things: About Life, Love and Japan

Have you ever felt so lost that you needed to escape? Katrina feels the wheels of her life coming off and she is rattled. She does the only thing she can think of – she enrols to teach English in Japan, books a flight and at the first opportunity, she is off. Unfortunately, the wide-eyed 22 year old’s dream of emancipation and self discovery does not pan out as she expected.
Katrina befriends one of her housemates but before long things turn sour and her work and home life become shrouded in an uncomfortable, stinging silence. She tries to thicken her sensitive skin but the unforgiving American, Amber, is an unrelenting force. With the help of some new found friends, Katrina uses the lessons she has learnt to find her place in Ube and the world.


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