About Kat

Kat Buttigieg is a writer, teacher and mum of three who lives in the picturesque Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Kat is a self confessed word nerd who has had a love of languages from the time she could write a sentence. She has been penning poems, stories and songs ever since.


Kat is currently working on her debut novel, 22 Things, a memoir of her time living in Japan with other English conversation teachers. In 2018 she won the the Words in Winter Ellen Kemp Memorial Prize for her short story, Novel Chemistry.

When she is not labouring over her creative writing, Kat is working as the lead copywriter in her business, Macedon Ranges Writers, and sharing ideas of family fun in her local area on her blog, Macedon Ranges Mumma.

Kat has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne with majors in Creative Writing, Japanese, a Diploma of German, as well as a Graduate Diploma of Education. In her spare time Kat enjoys spending time with her family, watching reruns of BBC historical dramas, playing the guitar and reading popular fiction novels.



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