Taking Stock: May

Last year I did a blogging course, Blog With Pip and she got me onto this Taking Stock business.  Click this link to check out her beautiful and inspiring blog:


I haven’t taken stock for a while, so here is where I am at in May, 2018.  Just warning you, it is a tad long!  What are you up to?  I am. . .

Social graphics and memes for my new business, Macedon Ranges Writers, and for other businesses. We are on Facebook with a website launching soon.

I cooked home made fish and chips this week, trying to get my non fish eaters to like fish again.



Peppermint tea to try and undo all the tea, coffee and cider I’ve had today.


Nothing much at the moment. I’ve still got to read all of my friend’s manuscript but want to do that over weeks rather than months.
Next read
I really need to read The Handmaid’s Tale as I’ve been watching the series but have never read the book.

A Bonds Star Wars trackie top!

At the calendar and wondering when life will slow down! But also looking forward to so many things coming up.

Eye Spy with my daughter on car trips or walks except that we say a colour rather than a letter – much easier for a three year old.

Whether to buy all our cold weather clothes now for our December Europe trip or wait till closer to our departure. (Since writing this I actually went to Aldi and got the kids and myself a whole heap of stuff!)

That life could ease up for one of my friends doing it tough right now, and that organisations like The Victorian Institute of Teaching and those running the NDIS can get their stuff sorted. Why must dealing with them be so difficult?

Watching The Greatest Showman, having time with my little fam, and cruisy Friday pizza and movie night.

To hear back from a few bush poetry competitions.


Australian Story about the man who conducted an Aboriginal Women’s Choir in Central Australia. Amazing story!

The songs from The Greatest Showman.


If I’ll ever get my whole house entirely clean and organised! I attempted to tidy up the kids’ craft area this week.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast. . .

Snow gear from Aldi today. Somehow I managed to get all purple stuff for myself. Winning!

The end of The Royal Wedding. Insert love heart-eyed emoji here! Before that we had friends over to watch the footy but let’s be honest, I was chatting too much to watch very intently.

Next watch
Still haven’t seen The Shape Of Water yet.

To self publish my picture book soon.

At where I’ve come this year. Kicking off the year with an amazing life coach, Katrina Wurm, definitely got my butt into gear.


At that ad where I guy eats spaghetti from out of his beard. What the?! Yuck! This is why I don’t watch free to air TV.

To put folded washing away. Haha. Maybe next week.

BBQ meat and roasted potatoes from our get together today. Leftovers for dinner tomorrow night. Winning again!

My new purple thermal jumper from Aldi. Soooo comfy and warm.

Marie Korman on Twitter. Another writer supporting other writers. I love the writing community on Twitter. No trolling, just ongoing encouragement.

About usual parenting stuff, about my anxious child, about not doing enough, about doing too much, about getting assessments all done before reports.

How quiet the house is when everyone is asleep!

If you believe in something enough, it will happen.

That I’ve spent way too long writing this blog and should probably go to bed.

My mum friends who are realising their dreams that they had put aside during early motherhood.

Through all the kids’ craft thingamabobs and what feels like hundreds of sheets of ‘special’ pictures that I don’t have the heart to throw out without asking them.


Excited about a Picture Book Writing Course my family has got me for my upcoming birthday.  The course is next weekend for two days in the city so I’ll have quiet train time on the way in and out each day!

At my daughter telling everyone off. She knows the rules and makes sure everyone follows them!

Happy. 🙂

On Brie cheese, French onion dip and crackers. I think I ate my weight in cheese today. Oops. I don’t really care. It was so good.

Beautiful singing on Australian Story just now, and the gospel singing from The Royal Wedding. I often get chills listening to amazing music.

If you read this far, thank you! I barely made it myself!

I can’t believe two months have flown past already and that we are heading into Winter. I’m looking forward to hibernating a little over the colder months. Keep warm!

Kat xx



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