The Writers’ Corner: Antalaya Israel

This month on The Writers’ Corner I am pleased to present author, Antalaya Israel, from the United States of America. Ms Israel has an adorable children’s book, How Sunny the Skunk Found His Smell, coming out this year, which deals with the theme of identity. Here’s a profile of this debut author:

Name: Antalaya Israel

Corner of the world: Brooklyn, New York

Day job: Behavioral Therapist/ Case Manager

Published works: None as of yet. One book with an anticipated published date of June 2018. 

Catch me on:, Instagram: @theonlyantalaya

Twenty Quick Questions 

  1. Favourite place to write?  Park
  2. What sort of things do you write?  Children stories, novels, life stories including my memoir.
  3. When do you write?  Anytime
  4. Work in progress?  Yes, other children books and my memoir.
  5. What book do you love to reread?   How Sunny The Skunk Found His Smell
  6. What was your first completed work ever (think primary or high school age)?  How Sunny The Skunk Found His Smell
  7. What’s you poison of choice?  Cherry Pepsi in a can
  8. Do you prefer to handwrite or type? Type
  9. What’s your favourite poem/line?  Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
  10. What’s your favourite type of text to read?  Novels
  11. What’s your favourite type of text to write?  Children’s books
  12. What’s the most difficult text for you to write?  My life
  13. Do you prefer to read paper books or on a Kindle?  Paper books
  14. Author crush?  Stephen King
  15. Character crush?  Thor 🙂
  16. What inspires you?  My daughter
  17. What motivates you?  God, my family and my doubters
  18. Which five people (dead or alive) are in your dream writers group?  Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Dr. Suess, Stephen King and Zane.
  19. Do you have a publisher or agent or do you self publish? Publisher
  20. What’s your ultimate dream? To become a successful author and business owner.

Monthly Challenge:  If you are on Twitter you probably are familiar with the 8 word story challenge.  It’s as simple and difficult as that – you must write a story using only eight words.

I have been too hard on myself lately.

Our family is growing..png

A huge thank you to Antalaya for participating in The Writers’ Corner. I wish her all the best in her writing endeavours and can’t wait to see her published book when it comes out soon.

If you would like to be our next featured author, please comment below or email me at

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