The Writer’s Corner: Kat Damen

A few weeks ago I finally finished writing my first novel and despite it only being the first blah draft, I’m pretty stoked and have already started editing enthusiastically.  By the time I am ready to unleash my book on the world I would like to immerse myself even more in the writing community so I am beginning this series, The Writer’s Corner.

I encourage any writers, published or not, to answer my twenty questions and undertake the monthly challenge so that we have an opportunity to meet fellow writers and support them in their current pursuits.  I figured it was best to start with introducing myself in the format I will be using so that I can test it out, and who am I kidding, this is fun for me!


Name: Kat Damen (Katrina Buttigieg)

Corner of the world: Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Day job: Japanese teacher and blog writer for The Organic Place

Catch me on: Facebook and Instagram as A Pocketful Of Time, Twitter as KlbKat, at and coming soon to

Twenty Quick Questions 

  1. Favourite place to write?  In our window seat in the sun of our kids’ playroom, on the couch or in a coffee shop.
  2. What sort of things do you write?  Social media and recipes blogs for The Organic Place; parenting and lifestyle blogs for my personal blog; poetry, short stories, children’s stories and memoir.  Of course, I also write work for school.  I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t mind writing out full report comments.
  3. When do you write?  When I can!  Sometimes I might scrape some time during the day with a little one at home but usually I’m most productive between nine pm and midnight or a bit after.
  4. Work in progress?  I finally finished my novel, Memoir of a Gaikokujin (Memoir of a Foreigner), and am currently editing and rewriting it.  It’s an account of my first time living and working away from home in Ube Japan just after finishing my undergraduate degree.  It was such a crazy experience with so many life lessons.
  5. What book do you love to reread?  Wives and Daughters and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  They’re my favourite books in the world.
  6. What was your first completed work ever (think primary or high school age)? I think it was a story with a poem about feelings that I did in Grade One, complete with illustrations.
  7. What’s you poison of choice?  A cappacino, English Breakfast tea, wine or cider, depending on the time of day – but not usually all in the one day!
  8. Do you prefer to handwrite or type? For poetry, I always hand write, for longer pieces I type, unless I’m without my computer and want to write something down straight away so that I’ll remember it.
  9. What’s your favourite poem/line?  So many good ones but I love in Wives and Daughters when the mother says, “No, I’m sorry, I can’t forgive him, even though he is dead”.
  10. What’s your favourite type of text to read?  Historical fiction or memoir.
  11. What’s your favourite type of text to write?  Probably poetry.
  12. What’s the most difficult text for you to write?  Essays for university are up there.  Referencing in writing isn’t my favourite thing to do.
  13. Do you prefer paper books or a Kindle?  Real books all the way but Kindles have their place when you want to travel light and read plenty.
  14. Author crush?  Elizabeth Gaskell
  15. Character crush?  Roger Hamley, John Thornton and Fitzwilliam Darcy.
  16. What inspires you?  People doing what they love, whatever that may be and despite what people think; and beautifully written words.
  17. What motivates you?  The idea of holding my published book one day and showing my children you can achieve a lifelong dream if you keep at it.
  18. Which five people (dead or alive) are in your dream writers group?  Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, JK Rowling and Roald Dahl.
  19. Do you have a publisher or agent or do you self publish?  I haven’t got that far yet but I hear that agents are the way to go.
  20. What’s your ultimate dream?  To own a bookstore that sells coffee where I can come and go as a I please and to spend my days writing and reading.

Monthly Challenge:  If you are on Twitter you probably are familiar with the 8 word story challenge.  It’s as simple and difficult as that – you must write a story using only eight words.  Here is my favourite of the many I tried.

A perfect day planned, then my child vomited.

A Pocketful of Time (6)

This is very fitting for me this week as my family has been overrun with sickness recently.  If you don’t laugh you will cry.

The next writer to participate must also do an eight word story and then they can set the challenge for the following writer.  Feel free to share your own eight word stories in the comments section.

Happy writing!


Are you a writer?  If you would like to participate in my Writer’s Corner series, please leave a contact email below.



2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Corner: Kat Damen

  1. Hello Kat,

    My name is Antalaya Israel. I’m writing in regards to the author interview that Marie Korman discussed with you. Please contact me so we can schedule a date and time. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Antalaya,
      Thanks so much for responding. If you participate you will be the first writer in my The Writers’ Corner series. I will send you the profile and twenty questions to fill out, as well as the writer’s challenge for the month. If you feel as though there is anything missing in the article that you would like to add, please let me know and we might be able to incorporate it into the article.
      I am happy to share your article on my blog, my Facebook page of the same name, on my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Hopefully it will help you out with engagement for your book.
      Can you send me an email to send the questions to you?

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