Taking Stock: March

Last year I did a blogging course, Blog With Pip and she got me onto this Taking Stock business.  Click this link to check out her beautiful and inspiring blog:


I haven’t taken stock for a while, so here is where I am at in March, 2018.  Just warning you, it is a tad long!  What are you up to?  I am. . .

Homemade Nutella.  It’s how I justify consuming so much of it, and my kids eating it.  If I make it at home it’s got to be a bit healthier, right?

The usual family favourites and I tried out a few new things for my The Organic Place recipes – Vegetarian Lasagna and a Low FODMAP Burger and Fries.


Probably way too much coffee; tea, hopefully more water, and the occasional cider or wine with dinner.

Afternoons in Ithaka by Spiri Tsintziras, a friend’s unpublished manuscript(!), and a non fiction book about memoirs.

Next read
The Sisters’ Song by Louise Allan, a novelist I follow on Twitter.

New couches – the white ones we bought pre-children (I know, silly!), are quite worn.

At my pantry drawers and thinking they need to be reorganised!

Creche with my three year old on the trampoline with a heap of different sized balls.  She is Paris and I am Chloe and the balls are all the children at the creche.  We go through the whole creche daily routine from playing outside to lunch, sleep time, afternoon tea and sending the ‘children’ home with their mums or dads.  We even take turns having our breaks while the children are napping.  Lol.

Where to go on our Japan and Europe adventure in the Christmas holidays.

Life was easier for some people in my life who are doing it tough right now.

Working with a life coach.  I’m so focused on the things I want to do and even though life was already pretty amazing, I am happier than ever.

For a girls weekend in April with some of my favourite ladies.  First weekend away by myself without the kids.


Catching up with the neighbours (on both sides and from across the road) this arvo.  Was great to get to know each other better and for the kids to all have a play for hours on end.

Teaching Japanese to the younger students at the school where I teach.  They are little sponges and remember so much.  I love sharing my love of languages with them.


Going apple picking again with my kids.  Was so much fun!


How to go about publishing my novel – through an agent or publisher or to self publish.  Also considering having my birth name as my pen name because I’ve wanted to write a book since I was five and imagined publishing under that name.  Does Kat Damen sound memorable?

Shirts for my dad for his birthday.  That was tricky because I don’t think I’ve ever bought him clothes as a present.

Gilmore Girls, again.  It’s my background television when I’m writing.  I also just watched the latest Star Wars finally.  I can see what all the controversy was about but I still loved it because. . .Star Wars!!!

Next watch
Hugo and The Shape of Water, perhaps?  I’m not even sure if that’s the correct title.  There are so many movies I need to catch up on.  I’d like to see Wonder as well.


To get a placing in one of the writing competitions I entered.

That I finally finished writing my novel, pretty much bang on 70 000 words.  So happy!

At how much editing my novel will need over the next few months!

To purchase the Easter eggs for my little people for Easter.

Roast leftovers.

My go-to mum outfit.  Comfy jeans and a jumper.

Maxine Beneba Clark on Twitter and enjoying her poetry and posts.

About one of my kids who worries.  Worrying if I passed on the worrying gene. Probs did.

That I still need to load the dishwasher. . .

I should probably go to bed before midnight so I’m not tired tomorrow.

I’d like to submit work to some magazines.

My friend’s beautiful artwork.  Check it out here.

Through my to do list.  Still so much more to do!

Excited about the upcoming family time at Easter.

At my children’s many expressions.


On dark chocolate – always my go-to evening snack.

A little bit better, apparently but not as well as I had hoped after my fourth ear operation in January – the hearing test results are back.  There’s a possibility it could improve as the scar tissue heals.  Read about my ear saga, here.

If you read this far, thank you!

I hope you have a brilliant month ahead as we march out of March.  I can’t believe we are into April so soon!

Kat xx


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: March

  1. This was so cool! Loved the insight into your life and mind..it is a perfect reflection of a great life..and beautiful writing x

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