Ten Things That Will Happen When You Have A Child-free Weekend

For our ten year anniversary my husband and I were lucky enough to go away for two nights to Hobart.  We have had a night away here or there over the last few years but this was the first full weekend child-free and my in-laws were kind enough to take our three crazies for us.  I’m sure this is no news to people with kids but here are ten things that will inevitably happen when you are child free for a few days.


  1.  Travelling will be a a breeze.  Like that comedian says, it’s just like leaving the house before you had kids: you grab your bag, you go out the door and you just go!  No looking for shoes, wrangling three backpacks as well as your own, counting heads, collecting prams and tag team toilet stops.  No pacing up and down the aisle of the plane with a fidgety toddler or shushing the child who tells you at the top of his lungs that he needs to do a poo.  Quiet, book reading, maybe a nap without someone poking you up the nose.  Yes!
  2. You’ll drop the Mum and Dad tags and just be ‘you’ as an individual and the old ‘you’ as a couple.  It was really nice to drop the parenting role for a bit and not refer to myself in the third person.  It was also lovely to think about what we liked and wanted to do – seemed self-indulgent but nice!  Aside from that it was great to have time just to speak without interruption.  We all know that even though you might have time to have that important chat after all the kids are in bed that usually by then you are so exhausted you just can’t even.  While sometimes you give up a simple conversation with the kids around because you literally can’t hear each other over the cacophony, there is now unlimited time to speak.  Suddenly you’re saying irrelevant things just because you can; reminiscing about old times; speaking hypothetically about any topic and catching up on seven years of gossip.26239585_10154897660847245_8930477484417503434_n
  3. Those things that are meant to be quick, are actually quick!  So you’re just going to run to the loo quickly, or duck into that shop to see if they have something you’re looking for – this is so amazing, you can actually do this!  No holding on all day or postponing a shop till it’s convenient or the kids are compliant.  Best ever.
  4. There is so much time for indulging: conversations, food, couple time, long lingering coffees, naps!  At first I felt like I was completely wasting time because I’m so used to using up every available second but the ability to indulge was just so amazing.  We stayed inside a lovely cafe and got an extra drink because it was raining outside; we could never have stayed so long in one place with the kids.  We could even schedule time for a nap in our day and pre-dinner drinks.  Heaven!!26730893_10154897660467245_5379653212760236254_n
  5. You will sleep in!  When your regular sleeping pattern involves getting up at least once during the night and sometimes waking up with three little people dragging you out of bed as the sun comes up, sleep and sleep ins is bound to be a high priority.
  6. Amazing food and wine.  My kids are reasonable eaters but it was so nice to not have to worry if a restaurant is family friendly or what kind of food they serve.  Japanese, raw fish, seafood platters, wine and champagne were winners this holiday.
  7. You can wear your good clothes and spend more time dressing up.  Hubby got new sunglasses on the trip but I can’t even justify spending more than twenty bucks on a pair as they will get dropped, sat on or lost!  You know can’t have nice things, Katrina, you’ll wreck them!  But, it was nice to be able to take my time getting ready to go out. I blow dried my hair for the first time in months and even wore lipstick. Kudos to those with children who do a full face of makeup every morning!26804611_10154897660952245_2830502946074766819_n
  8. You will still hear children’s cries!  No matter where I am, since having children, I swear I can hear a baby or child crying every time I have a shower.  I don’t know if it’s because mine always cried when I showered or because a similar sounding noise is made by the drain but without fail, I hear it!  And when you are away from your kids, you will still attend to that cry of ‘Mum’ at the airport or look with concern at parents of the tantruming child at the market, but you’ll also be relieved it’s not yours this time!
  9. You will look fondly at other families and babies and toddlers. . .for a few minutes at least.  Both of us looked at parents travelling with their kids on our weekend away and thought of what each of our kids would enjoy had they been there.  We fully intend to return with them sometime but it was nice to savour the ‘us’ time while we could.
  10. You will miss them and they will miss you!  Of course, you will miss your little monkeys and look forward to those cuddles when you get home and inevitably they will miss you too.  But, there’s also nothing like a break to make you focus on where your family all started from and to get you refreshed to get back to reality.  26734205_10154897660447245_1231778032489632873_n

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