Bush Dawning: A Bush Poem


Tried my hand at Bush Poetry for the Words In Winter Trentham festival.  The prompt was Origins. I was familiar with Banjo Patterson but not many other bush poets.  It’s safe to say my pentameter was not perfect but I learnt a lot today from listening to the other writers.  There were some engaging historical tales told through lyrical, trundling lines and we were lucky enough to hear the judge, the Best Performance Bush Poet in Australia, recite a bush poem for us.  There was only one winner of the competition, and a tie for second place, for which I was one of the fortunate two.  I hope you enjoy my poem.


Bush Dawning

An orange haze peeks through

And warms the bush horizon

Filtered light through gallant gums

Gentlemen of the skyline


The insects begin to murmur

And the animals raise their heads

The dawn lifts her eyelids

To stir the sleepy from their beds


The people of the bush arise

And pad with ghost-like feet

To catch an animal off guard

A perfect breakfast eat


The billabong begins to liven

As the sun elevates the gloom

With the bubbling, fishes frolic

And the platypus leaves her cozy room


The sun’s morning yawn

Raises the temperature of the air

The lizards nod their heads

To show that they’re aware


A billy starts to boil

For the day’s inaugural cup of tea

The flies buzz in anticipation

The bush awake now, finally

20960942_10159135997160433_880224225_o (1)

2 thoughts on “Bush Dawning: A Bush Poem

  1. This is beautiful Katrina – well done you! I can’t believe this is your first wander into bush poetry. Splendid! I grew up with a brother who adored bush poetry (and still does) so I have an appreciation for it. This is lovely, I will also show my hubby, he is a musician/songwriter so he will enjoy it too.

    Keep up the great work with the blog as well, I love it. A few of your back to school freezer recipes have become firm faves in this house.

    PS: I am also in Gisborne, our kids went through a year of 3yo kinder together at Grant Ave.

    Take care and well done again.

    Melanie J

    1. Oh, thank you so much Melanie. You’ve made my day! Sounds like a lovely family with poetry and music. Beautiful! So nice to hear that you use the recipes too. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

      I’ll probably see you around town at some point then if your in Gisborne too 🙂


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