Taking Stock

About a month ago I started taking an online blogging course called Blog With Pip which helps people start up or improve their blog, (click here for more information).  I love that it allows you six months to work through course work that could potentially take only a couple.  As a busy mum, it is nice to not feel under the pump.  The other participants in the course are able to connect online to support and encourage each other.  The following is one of my assignments to take stock of where I am at the moment.  (Click here to see Pip’s latest Taking Stock blog post).


Making :  Little poems/quotes in frames as a possible market business – fun!

Cooking :  Spag bol tonight – we have no conventional oven and I am missing our usual baked chips but pasta is my other fave carb.

Drinking :  Rooibos (red tea), has no caffeine so it’s my go-to drink after dinner time

Reading:  The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

Wanting:  My oven fixed 🙂

Looking:  For a good easy chair to put in my bedroom

Playing: Netball on Wednesdays with a group of mums

Deciding:  On colour schemes in the living area of our house

Wishing:  That I had more time to catch up with people.  Been too long since I’ve seen lots of important people!

Enjoying: Teaching my students Japanese through making a Mornings TV show

Waiting:  For the next Games of Thrones episode

Liking:  Red wine

Wondering:  When the weather will heat up again

Loving:  That my two year old named her baby doll ‘Colin’

Pondering: Where she got the name Colin from???

Considering:  Singing at an open mike night this month, if I’m brave enough

Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale

Hoping: For more health and happiness for the people in my life

Marvelling:  That I’ve managed to keep the house relatively clean all week!

Needing:  Just the working oven will do 🙂

Smelling:  Spag Bol – thank goodness! It’s taken over last night’s smell of cooked Sea Perch

Wearing:  Exercise gear from Pilates this morning, very lazy.

Following:  Allison Tait and doing #writeabookwithAl

Noticing:  I’ve only written 1851 words so far of my novel but better than nothing

Knowing:  There’s really not enough time for everything I want to do

Thinking:  I’m glad I don’t live in the world of A Handmaid’s Tale

Feeling:  Relaxed now that the weekend is on the horizon

Admiring:  All these people I know who are reinventing themselves and finding new careers that they love.

Sorting:  Through all the things in our old house and what needs to be kept, donated or purged.

Buying:  A new dressy top and jacket the other day

Getting:  Excited about visiting the NGV with a friend this weekend

Bookmarking:  How to Start Becoming 100% Waste Free – Nourished Life

Disliking:  That I’m not doing as good as a job as I’d like becoming waste free

Opening: Lots of mail – nothing very exciting

Giggling:  At Jerry Seinfeld on Monday night – he’s still got it

Feeling:  Happy! I have so many great people in my life and wonderful things happening at the moment.

Snacking: Mostly on chocolate – am going to have an apple now though, I promise.

Coveting:  A perfectly sized hall table for the area we have.

Helping:  At the school disco tomorrow night.

Hearing:  The quiet!  I’m enjoying it while I can!

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