Thirteen Organisational Tips For Busy People

I am not The Organised Housewife by any means but am always seeking ways to make my life easier and more organised!  I try to do all these outlined things but sometimes my foggy brain gets distracted with the frenzy of the intertwining elements of life as a thirty-something woman, mum, teacher, blogger, yoga-lover, musician, housekeeper, cook and significant other.  I’m sure many of these are second nature to most but here are my thirteen organisational tips for busy people:

  1. Double it!  Whenever you can for meals or snacks, double the batch so that you can have some for now and some to freeze for later use.  This is especially handy for school and work lunches.  (Try some of my top freezer fillers: here).14380131_10153704738387245_987101558322451416_o
  2. Screen shot it: Screen shot or take photos of any important paperwork, invitations for kids’ parties, school forms, tax receipts – everything! I also love to take screen shots of recipes I find on the internet for easy access later.
  3. Make a ‘Leaving the House Checklist’: When I complained that I kept forgetting one or two things whenever I left the house with my monkeys, a clever mum in my Mothers Group suggested doing what she does – list everything you might need in your Notes on your phone and simply check before you go anywhere.18033463_1872216189693114_3226640869402899792_n.jpg
  4. Car Stash: Leave a small stash of essentials in the boot of your car just in case you happen to forget your nappy bag or have one of those days when Number Threes make your life hell.  I still recall leaving the zoo one time with three overtired children and having to change my bub’s entire outfit in the back of the car.  Be sure to include: nappies, wipes, an old towel, plastic bags, a filled water bottle, muesli bars, some old clothes for your children and baby (and yourself) if they are prone to get muddy or ahem. . .to do those ghastly Number Threes.
  5. Calendar it!  When you read through the school newsletter or are given any important dates for work, catch ups and so forth, at the bare minimum screenshot it or write it down straight away.  Even better, write it straight into your calendar. Better yet, link your calendar with your significant other’s if possible.
  6. Meal list: Make a list of all the meals your family eats to make it easier on yourself when choosing dinners and writing the shopping list for the week.  (For some inspiration, read my 70 dinner ideas: here).18143071_10154261811997245_1583372624_n
  7. Meal plan: Linking with the above tip, write your shopping list on the basis of your meals for the week to stop unnecessary waste and keep your list on the fridge to add items as you run out of them. (For a crash course in Meal Planning 101, click here).
  8. Precut Your Fruit and Veg: I know this is a pain at the time but it makes the rest of your week much easier if you precut and store your fruit and vegetables.  If you have time to soak your berries in part vinegar and water solution as well, this will also help them last longer and prevent mould from forming.
  9. Leftover List: As far back as I can remember my father would say, ‘Waste not, want not’, and I forever get the guilts if I throw food away.  Keep a list on your fridge with the leftovers that need to be eaten and by when, or put them straight in the freezer to eat at a later date if you can.
  10. Get Your Groceries Delivered: Save yourself time and money and get your food delivered to your door.  I have a weekly subscription of beautiful fruit and vegetables from The Organic Place.  (If you are in Melbourne or surrounds click here to check out their website).
  11. Children’s Chart: Make a chart for your children to tick off their tasks and chores in the morning and evening.  They’ll be in a hurry to tick off their jobs so they can get to their free time and earn their pocket money or reward.18143088_10154261814697245_1492645408_n
  12. Socks Box: I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been at the mercy of the sock fairy.  We had socks (and hats for that matter) disappearing here, there and everywhere! I was pulling my hair out and decided to keep our most used shoes in the big wooden box by the garage door, and the socks and hat boxes live by the door in a shelf too.  It’s much quicker to keep them all in the one place.  I also recommend buying many socks of the one colour in bulk so that even if you lose a single sock, there will be plenty to pair them with as their numbers inevitably decrease.
  13.  Pre-packed Outing Bag: This is most helpful to parents of little ones as it is always such a chore to pack that bag of essentials before heading out the door.  If you usually need the same sort of items, it is very handy to have a backpack all or partially packed to save yourself some time when you are in a rush.  I try to include: nappies, wipes, plastic bags, change of toddler clothes, jumpers for the older kids, a book or toy for each to play with, and a packaged food item in case there is an attack of the hungries.  If you have multiples of hats and waterbottles ready to go, that’s excellent, otherwise just throw them in before you go.

Do you have any other helpful organisational tips?  Comment below if you would like to share any.  I need all the help I can get! 🙂

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