Five Things That Make Someone ‘Your Person’

The phrase ‘my person’ became popular through Grey’s Anatomy.  Meredith and Christina were famously each other’s ‘person’.  The term ‘best friend’ just doesn’t cut it sometimes – it sounds too nice.  Your person is there through all the crap.  They know the good and the bad about you but don’t use it against you.  They are in your corner 110 percent.  They are your lifeline.  It can be a tough gig if you have to call them out on something, but most of the time it’s easy because they just get you and you can have conversations that always cut to the chase.


Here’s what makes someone ‘your person’:

  1. Brutal honesty

Got something in your teeth?  Being irrational?  Going out with a complete arsehat?  Your person will sort that all out for you.  It’s a good reason to go clothes shopping with your person too – they won’t let you waste your time or money.  It’s always easy to take brutal honesty from ‘your person’ too because you know it’s all grounded in love.  

2. Knowing them better than they know themselves

Finishing each other’s sentences, tagging them in a meme that reminds you of them, having a bazillion of your own ‘in’ jokes – it’s all part of having a ‘person’.  They know what makes you tick, they know your dreams and goals, they probably know you better than you know yourself, but that’s a good thing, because they’ve got your best interests at heart – always.

3.  In your corner

Going for a job interview?  Trying a new exercise regime?  Surviving the first few weeks with a newborn?  Trying out belly-dancing?  Whatever it is, ‘your person’ is in your corner and celebrating every little and big achievement with you.  Likewise if someone is treating you badly or if you got the short end of the stick for something, they are in there fighting for you and telling you that you deserve better.

4.  Fights are few and far between

You can probably count the amount of fights you’ve had on one hand but they were probably crazy ones for that reason.  When you know someone so well, you know how to make them mad!  Odds are that all will be forgiven and forgotten before long though because you can’t stay mad at your person for very long.

5.  They are awesome.

As if all the reasons above aren’t enough, no one is your person unless they are awesome.  And not any old awesome, but your kind of awesome.  You think they are the coolest person in the world: funny, smart, beautiful inside and out, talented and amazing.  So tell ‘your person’ today that they are awesome.  They already know that you think that because they know what you’re thinking but say it anyway, because you are super lucky to have a ‘person’.


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