‘What’s For Dinner?’: 70 ideas

I have already blogged about my love to meal plan (here) but I may have failed to mention that I do not love choosing the specific meals for the week, as I’m sure many others can sympathise with.  ‘What’s for dinner?’, is the age old question that has a whole lot of expectation surrounding it, and trying to keep everyone happy is very difficult.  I used to have a sheet pinned up in the kitchen with a list of dinner ideas on it so that I could rattle off suggestions to my family before I wrote the shopping list for the week.

Today I compiled the list again and thought I’d share it here (for me to preserve on the cloud forever, and never lose), and for anyone who wants to check it out.  Many overlap, many are super simple ‘meat and three veg’, but the majority have been successful with my family over the years.  I hope you can find some inspiration too!  Any suggestions to add are most welcome also!


For the cooler months:


  1. Beef Stroganoff with fettucine and vegetables
  2. Beef and vegetable stew (serve with potato mash, rice or pasta)
  3. Meat pie with chips and vegetables 

  4. Roast beef and vegetables  

  5. Beef lasagna 
  6. Spaghetti bolognaise 
  7. Beef and stir fry vegetables with Hokkien noodles 
  8. Steak and steamed vegetables


  1. Sausages with mushroom gravy, steamed vegetables and mash
  2. Roast lamb and vegetables
  3. Lamb hotchpot
  4. Lamb steaks with Mediterranean roasted veggies and Moroccan spice


  1.  Fried rice with pork mince and vegetables
  2. Slow pulled pork with vegetables and pasta 
  3. Roast pork and vegetables
  4. Hungarian Goulash (served with rice or mash)
  5. Pork chops with vegetables


  1. Chicken avocado pasta
  2. Chicken and bacon pot pies and vegetables
  3. Roast chicken and vegetables
  4. Chicken curry
  5. Apricot chicken with rice
  6. Butter Chicken with rice
  7. Tandoori chicken with coconut rice and vegetables
  8. Chicken schnitzel with vegetables 


  1. Pan fried salmon with tomato, leek and bacon risotto
  2. Fish curry
  3. Crumbed flatheads with chips and vegetables
  4. Swordfish and steamed vegetables
  5. Garlic prawns with rice and vegetables


  1. Vegetable lasagna 
  2. Zucchini fritters with salsa, guacamole and sour cream
  3. Vegetarian fried rice
  4. Mushroom risotto 
  5. Pumpkin spinach and pine nut ravioli 
  6. Cannelloni 
  7. Vegetable curry
  8. Gnocchi with sage and burnt butter
  9. Mushroom risotto
  10. Bean and pea risotto
  11. Pumpkin soup
  12. Omlette/frittata with leftover veggies


  1. Homemade pizzas 
  2. Minestrone 
  3. Spaghetti Carbonara

For the warmer months:


  1. Sausages with chips and salad
  2. Thai beef salad
  3. Beef sliders with chips and salad
  4. Steak with chips and salad 
  5. Rissoles in burgers and salad


  1. Lamb cutlets with chips and salad
  2. Lamb salad with tzatziki dressing
  3. Lamb salad wraps 
  4. Lamb skewers with chips and salad 
  5. Lamb backstrap teriyaki with broccolini and rice


  1. San choy bow
  2. Pulled pork rolls


  1. Chicken satay skewers with coconut rice and salad 
  2. Chicken salad wraps 
  3. Chicken Parmagiana with chips and salad
  4. Lemon chicken with couscous and salad
  5. Chicken with basil and tomato cream sauce and salad


  1. Pan fried salmon and salad 
  2. Calamari with chips and salad
  3. Garlic prawns with rice and salad


  1. Zucchini, pea and mint risotto 
  2. Zucchini slice with chips and salad 


  1. Baked potato with toppings and salad
  2. Gnocchi with peas and bacon
  3. Quiche Lorraine with chips and salad

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