Ten Activities For The Kids These Easter Holidays

In our part of the world Easter holidays means the change from warmer weather to crisper temperatures, from hot summer to days to falling, rusty-coloured autumn leaves.  The following ten activities are fairly basic ideas for the autumn holidays but sometimes the simplest things can be the most fun and rewarding.  Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy this special family time.

1.  Mail it! 

Write a Happy Easter card or draw a picture for a grandparent/great grandparent/uncle/friend to send by snail mail and make their day.

2. Create Easter treats 

Make your own chocolates to give as gifts.  There are also biscuit cutters available in Easter shapes if you want to make Easter-themed gingerbread biscuits or ice some Arrowroot or other egg-shaped biscuits and decorate them to look like Easter eggs.  Share with neighbours, family and friends.

3. Prepare for back to school


Get the kids to help you bake their favourite muffins, cookies and scrolls to freeze for when school goes back.  Maybe treat yourselves to some of them on the holidays too.

4.  Make Playdough

Make some of your own playdough and get the kids to make their own Easter creations.

5.  Basket making

Head down to your local opportunity shop, discount store or Spotlight/Lincraft for baskets and craft supplies to decorate Easter baskets.  Alternatively, your kids could try to create their own baskets from recycled materials found at home.  It will be much easier to tell whose basket is whose on Easter morning if they’ve decorated their own.

6.  Gardening


Get out in the garden and make over the veggie patch.  Take the kids to your local nursery and buy some seeds or seedlings for them to plant, care for and watch with anticipation until the Winter holidays.

7.  Read!

Head down to your local library to borrow some books over the break for those increasing rainy autumn days.

8. Movie time

Likewise, head to your local video store to borrow some movies when the miserable weather kicks in, or for special holiday movie nights. Without being truly Easter movies, these come to mind: Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Chicken Run, Zootopia, Alice in Wonderland and Song of the South.

9.  Leaf Creations


Collect autumn leaves to make a collage or create an imprint of the leaves: in playdough, with paint, or by drawing over them with crayons and pencils.  Maybe one of the creations could be mailed with your Easter card as mentioned above.

10.  Get out in the fresh autumn air

Visit your local park and jump in autumn leaves or crunch over them on your bikes, scooters, or when walking.  The kids don’t have to be encouraged to find a pile of crunchy autumn leaves and throw or kick them around; there is no doubt they will do that themselves.  That is some serious fun right there!


What activities do you love to do during the Easter break?

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