End of an Era

From the moment Big Bro looked at Little Bro in his baby capsule on wheels in the hospital and declared ‘Baby car’, the story of brotherhood had begun and I had somehow earned the title Mum of Boys.  I’m not overly a girly girl nor a tomboy but I had never imagined being a mum of just boys.  Then for three seemingly long years, that’s what I had become.  I experienced the comaraderie of other Boys Mums.  One told me, ‘No one loves their mum quite like boys do-you get the best cuddles’, and others commiserated on the ongoing mess of dirt, doodle talk, and Lego injuries.


Five years on and Big Bro is heading into Grade One and Little Bro is off to Prep. (The first two years of primary school, for those of you who don’t live in our little corner of the world).  This time next week I will do my best to hold back the tears as an era ends in our family journey.  For three years I was a stay at home mum to these two beautiful boys.

The first year was a shocker – filled with a plethora of doctors and nurses visits as we caught every bug going around, attended our regular Maternal Child Health Nurse appointments, went for immunization needles, visited the paediatrician for my infant with reflux, as well as myself battling with what I believe now was adrenal fatigue on top of other health problems.  And of course, just learning to adjust to life with two little people and realising it’s not always possible to keep both happy all the time.  Many a day in those first few months with two was spent watching Cars 2 with my toddler as I fed my baby, or squeezing a craft activity into the short thirty minutes the baby slept.


In the second year things got a little easier as Little Bro’s reflux had well and truly passed and he was finally sleeping through the night.  After seeing the first twinges of jealously from Big Bro about sharing Mum with his younger sibling, it was very touching to see him forcefully say to a boy who pushed Little Bro at the library, ‘That’s my brother’, (only hours after he’d pushed his brother himself!).  We got out and about a lot more for kinder gym and trips to the park, and we were well and truly into the land of mowers, tractors, cars and Duplo.  I still get excited when I see a digger on the side of the road, on my boys’ behalf!


Three years ago was my last full year with just my boisterous boys before the arrival of our Little Miss Moo.  Even though I was pretty knackered and feeling humongously pregnant the third time around, I was well aware this was probably some of the best quality time I would have with my little men before their sister arrived.  Lots of adventures ensued: bike rides to the dam; trips to the museum, aquarium, zoo, Scienceworks, movies; bush walks to Trentham Falls, the Organ Pipes, Lerderderg Gorge and the Macedon Memorial Cross.  Not to mention all the mundane but still gloriously funny moments at home, like when I had to declare ‘No light sabres at the dinner table!’.

Then the biggest adventure of all happened, becoming big brothers to Little Sis.  I remember as I lay there waiting for the sonographer to put gel on my tummy, and Little Bro whispering, ‘I hope it’s a girl’, and to all of our surprise, she was!  And despite Little Sis having two very noisy, rough, energetic big brothers, they have been so protective of her, and taught her very well how to be brave, strong and determined.  So as Little Sis and I stand at the doors of the school next week and wave off our favourite boys (holding back tears), we know they will be okay.  Though chalk and cheese in looks and personality, I have no doubt they will have each others’ backs.  We will quietly miss them, and be very happy to see their smiling faces at the school gates in the afternoon.  Good luck my boys.  May the Force be with you. 🙂



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