10 Reasons Why I Should Move To Queensland

Every year as our crisp Melbourne winter starts to set in and all those horrid coughs and colds start doing the rounds, I start to look forward to our annual journey northward to the Sunshine State.

How do I love thee, Queensland, let me count the ways…


1. I wake up earlier and go to bed earlier.

Okay, so at first glance this is not so amazing to people like myself who reminisce about the outrageously long sleep-ins I lavished before having children.  That said, it is much more inviting to get up early when the sunlight brings the promise of a warm day.  When I say “warm”, I mean over twenty degrees Celsius.  It is easier to get out of bed and have a productive morning so that by the time evening rolls around, I am ready to hit the sack at 9 pm.  I’m sure this has to be better than my usual later nights and struggling to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

2.  I get more Vitamin D.

Queensland. More sun. Less coats and more shorts, skirts and short-sleeved tops. You get my drift. Vitamin D is just throwing itself at you. No pills required.

3.  I drink more water.

So the experts are always banging on about why we should all drink more water.  I get it.  I totally get it and know I should drink more but it isn’t the most appealing drink to me unless I’ve run a few kilometres.  But, when the weather is warmer, funnily enough, I drink more of it.  Thank you, Queensland, I think the doctor will be prescribing another holiday to see you soon.


4.  I drink less hot drinks (especially those nasty ones  with caffeine in them).  I’m a bit of a coffee and tea-aholic, especially in Winter.  So, again, warmer weather equals less desire to drink hot drinks.  Winning again.

5. I eat more salads and less comfort food. I am not a crazy salad lover.  I’m one of those people who used to struggle with the concept that it was a meal; (even Elaine’s Big Salad in Seinfeld didn’t convince me).  But, when on holidays in Queensland I find myself ordering salads multiple times and it does seem to satisfy my hunger.  Queensland, you make me a better person!

6.  It’s very laid back in Queensland.

I know Aussies tend to be laid back in general but I think that Queenslanders have nailed it.  Nothing seems to faze them and everyone seems to be happy despite getting up at 5am, eating salads and drinking water all day.  It has to be good!

7.  The sea doesn’t freeze your toes off.

I’m not a huge fan of the sea itself but I struggle to stay in Melbourne’s waters on a 35 degree day, the water is that cold! Queensland’s beaches are much more warm and inviting.

8.  Winter sicknesses are almost null and void.

We tend to leave Melbourne with a lot of luggage but also some disgusting colds and coughs.  My little ones pep up almost overnight in the sun and sea air.  Healthier children sounds good to me.

9.  Less clothes and more energy!

That sounds a bit wrong but what I mean is that when you see more of your body on a daily basis, I feel like you are more aware of it and how you use it.  It is easy to hide away when it’s cold and choose to snuggle up on the couch rather than get out and exercise.  Maybe all that sunlight is inspiring motivation. I did watch a program where David Sukuzi said that sunlight gives us our energy.  This seems to make sense!

10. Sunshine makes me happy! 🙂

And not only does sunshine give us energy but there is no doubt that it makes people happier.  It is the Sunshine State but perhaps it is also the Happy State. It certainly put me in a healthier state of mind.  Love you Queensland, hopefully I’ll see you sooner, rather than later. xx


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