An Egg a Day Keeps Exhaustion At Bay?


For over a month now I’ve had eggs every morning for breakfast. Every. Morning. I’ve always been a cereal or toast kind of girl, so it has proven difficult to change the habit. I have to say, however, that it’s made a huge difference to my life.

Ever since having my second child nineteen months ago, I have struggled to keep my energy levels up and ward off colds and bugs. Makes sense, I hear you say. Looking after two young children IS exhausting. I agree, and I think it was for that reason that I didn’t question my lethargy very much. I accepted that that was just how my life was at that moment and I pushed on.

Bizarrely, after having my boys it was fairly easy to get back and even under my pre-pregnancy weight. I breastfed each child for a year and they seemed to suck out every ounce of my energy. It didn’t matter if I ate staggering amounts of food, I didn’t gain any weight. I assumed after I stopped nursing that things would get better. They did slightly but I still had low energy levels and every month or so I would be so lethargic and nauseous I could barely get out of bed.

I did find out last year that I had a cyst in my middle ear that was possibly causing this imbalance. After its removal, my health improved, but a few months later, the nausea and tiredness returned. I also at times felt that pregnancy feeling of being sickly and hungry at the same time, despite not being pregnant obviously.

My chiropractor said that my occasional night-wakings (to attend to my children) and my breakfast of muesli or porridge may have been the cause of my drop in energy levels early in the day. He suggested eggs every morning or some other high protein food.

At first I baulked at the idea, because even though I love a fry-up on a weekend morning, I couldn’t see myself cooking eggs every day in between organising my little men. Then I reconsidered that making an omelette would perhaps be quicker than porridge. So I took up the challenge. (Interestingly, my $5 bircher muesli was comaparable to the price of a dozen eggs as well).

A week in and I was already over eggs. I’d mostly chosen to eat fried eggs or an omelette, due to the time factor. (I’m no good at poached, boiled doesn’t thrill me, and frittatas and the like, seem too much work).

In short, I have since had fried eggs with every side known to mankind and about five different combinations of omelette. But, despite the repetitiveness of it all, I have to say that I feel fantastic! While it has been harder to eat one-handed or with a toddler perched on my knee, it is definitely a more filling breakfast. This is also in view of the fact that I am at times forced to share part of it with my little eating machines.

The other evidence to the magic of an egg breakfast is the fact that I’m not hanging out for my cup of tea and piece of chocolate mid-morning. While I used to happily and hungrily eat lunch with my children before midday, I can now easily make it until 1 pm without so much as a grumble from my tummy.

So, do I savour my eggs for breakfast now? Not particularly. Am I disgruntled that I have a frying pan to wash every morning instead of throwing an empty bowl straight into the dishwasher? Well, perhaps. But have I wavered back to the enticing land of grains and fruit? No.

Even on the days I am tempted, I just have a bit of both. I think my body knows eggs are sustaining me for longer. And even though I may have days when lack of sleep catches up a little, I am not plagued by the overpowering exhaustion I used to endure.

My vegan sister probably won’t be thrilled, but I have to say, “Go for eggs!”. They really do seem to be a wonder food. So mums and dads, or just anybody who is lacking energy, maybe try it for a week and see if you jump on board. And if you have any tasty suggestions to pep up fried eggs or omelette, please, please, for the love of God, leave a comment. I’ve exhausted all my own ideas. 🙂

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