Ten Things That Will Happen When You Have A Child-free Weekend

For our ten year anniversary my husband and I were lucky enough to go away for two nights to Hobart.  We have had a night away here or there over the last few years but this was the first full weekend child-free and my in-laws were kind enough to take our three crazies for us. ... Continue Reading →


The Daring Greatly Big-Hearted Choir

On November the fourth I was lucky enough to take part in a day of song and inspiration.  Clare Bowditch and Big Hearted Business run an annual Sing-Song Showtime day for anyone who loves singing, and to reinforce that they can indeed sing (whether they have been told they are good at it or not). ... Continue Reading →

A Series Of Fortunate Events

I'm a huge believer in fate, although I do think sometimes we need to give ourselves a little push.  There's been many times in my life where I have found myself jumping out of my comfort zone - and I really love my comfort zone! - and wondering why I did it.   Some examples... Continue Reading →

Tooth Fairy Fail

Last week our Master 5 had his first wobbly tooth and somewhere in the back of my mind I made a mental note that the Tooth Fairy, (who has been off duty for a while since Master 7 lost all his baby teeth fairly early), would have to make a reappearance soon.  On Sunday it... Continue Reading →

The Overwhelm

It is no secret that we live in a society where we are overwhelmed.  We are inundated daily with information, the constant rings and pings of our phones and social media, an unending barrage of activities, appointments and invitations in our calendars.  It is exhausting just looking at what is coming up ahead in our... Continue Reading →

Bush Dawning: A Bush Poem

Tried my hand at Bush Poetry for the Words In Winter Trentham festival.  The prompt was Origins. I was familiar with Banjo Patterson but not many other bush poets.  It's safe to say my pentameter was not perfect but I learnt a lot today from listening to the other writers.  There were some engaging historical... Continue Reading →

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